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woo sb away from sth The airline was heavily discounting fares to woo passengers away from their competitors.

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woo sb with sth The team"s new owners hope khổng lồ woo disappointed fans with several high-profile players.
if one company woos another, the main shareholders in the first company talk khổng lồ those in the second about the possibility of a merger or friendly takeover:
In attempts to woo baông xã the audiences the theatre has a new prize-draw campaign: you can win a oto by purchasing theatre tickets!
Private hospitals, in turn, woo powerful politicians & bureaucrats by treating them as very important patients, often không lấy phí of cost.
What is to lớn surround the finished human being as an object, has khổng lồ be acquired and wooed strenuously by him while he is still developing.
Factional bosses have sầu no less desire for the top prizes, but the new rules should give sầu them fewer resources with which to woo followers in pursuit of those prizes.
It can be summed up by saying that it is a survival package, a series of sops lớn woo the nationalists.
The parties are well aware of that effect of multiple registration, so woo the second home voters deliberately.
It is unfortunate for them, because often minority parties find people wooing them & seeking their support.
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to lớn prsự kiện further disagreement in arguments or war by giving khổng lồ the opposing side an advantage that they have sầu demanded

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