Convenient transportation to lớn move lớn neighboring districts: District 1, District 3, District 5, District 10Grade A buildings have the best prices compared to other buildings of the same gradeThe building has 3 parking lots lớn ensure parking space inside the buildin
Landlord: Mai Anh Production – Trade Co., Ltd.

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Parking: 3 basementsFloors: 3 basements – 18 floorsElevators: 12 lifts and escalatorsCeiling height: 2,7mAir-conditioning: Central air-conditioning systemNet Leasing/floor: 1.013m2 Backup power: There are 100% backup generators to meet the needs of the building.Building orientation: South EastWorking hours: 08h00-18h00 from Monday to lớn Friday, Saturday: 08h00-12h00Grade: Grade A
Asking Rent: $28/m2/monthOut of working hour fee: $19.57/hService Charge: $6/m2/monthMinimum Contract Period: 2 yearsService charge includes: Clean up, collect trash in office & public places, Building security 24/7, Lighting system for public areas và parking areas, Maintenance và maintenance of machines in the comtháng building systemElectriđô thị fee: $0.15/kwhPayment: MonthlyHandover time: NegotiableHandover condition: Soundproof walls, ceramic tile floors, modern luxury furniture, lighting systems, automatic fire protection systems, ventilation systems.Car Parking Fee: $160/vehicle/monthMotorbike Parking Fee: $10/vehicle/month

The outstanding features of Lim Tower 1 

The building is located near major roads of the cityThe building has good feng shui towards Tao Dan ParkPossesses many facilities around the building: commercial center, finance, ngân hàng, restaurant, …

Location of Lim Tower 1


Overview shooting angle different from Lyên ổn Tower 1

Office for lease in Llặng Tower 1 building has a prime location, owning 2 fronts located at the intersection of Ton Duc Thang và Le Tkhô giòn Ton. Building location near major & important roads of District 1 và Binch Thanh khô such as Nguyen Huu Canh, Ton Duc Thang, Nguyen Thi Phố Minh Khai, Ham Nghi … near crowded residential area, near commercial centers Commercial, convenient for traffic through districts such as: Binch Thanh khô District, District 2, District 4 & other neighboring districts. With a convenient location, the building is also located near the administrative areas of the thành phố as well as banks, commercial centers, restaurants, hotels and large domestic và foreign companies:

To the botanical garden bridge: 8 minutes walkTo Binch Tkhô nóng District, District 2: 10 minutes by motorbikeTo Nguyen Hue Walking Street: 8 minutes by motorbikeTo the children’s hospital: 5 minutes by motorbikeTo Notre Dame Cathedral: 7 minutes by oto …

Office for lease in Llặng Tower 1 building is located in the financial center of Ho Chi Minc City. This place concentrates a series of office buildings for rent, commercial centers, banks … Very convenient for companies not only lớn transact in the city center but also to lớn move sầu lớn neighboring provinces.With a prime location cthảm bại to the commercial and financial center & also the gateway to lớn Ho Chi Minc City, the office building in District 1 – Llặng Tower 1 will be the ideal office for applicants. reputation, is a good start for many businesses, and is a solid foundation for all investors.

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Building scale of Lyên 1 Tower


Techcomngân hàng is located on the ground floor of the building

Office for lease in Ben Nghe ward, district 1 – Lim Tower 1 has a construction structure of 34 floors with 2 basements of more than 2,400m2. It is very convenient for vehicles lớn easily park & move sầu in và out of the house. The building is uniquely designed with cube style, covered with Varican xanh tempered glass imported from the US. The space of the building brings a feeling of freshness but no less modern and luxurious, contributing to increasing the beauty of the area.Office for lease on Ton Duc Thang street, District 1 – Llặng Tower 1 is equipped with a clean, spacious & modern elevator khổng lồ ensure safety and faskiểm tra transportation possible. The fiber-optic Internet connection is very good, the camera system is clear, the fire protection system is stable and professional, & a large-capathành phố generator ensures the full required area for the entire building when the power goes out. The layout is suitable for feng-shui for all companies when renting offices here … Therefore, Llặng Tower 1 is the ikhuyến mãi place for your company to choose as the place of business.

The smart structure is built according to the bloông chồng structure & the boundary column design helps khổng lồ save space. The lighting system according to lớn the double ball system is very good lớn ensure adequate light for the whole office. High-grade ceramic tile floors ensure elegance with harmonious colors. The standard ceiling height with the kích cỡ of 2.7m helps open space, luxurious interior interior. The combination with modern equipment makes this office building perfect. Lighting systems, automatic fire heads, announcement loudspeakers, telephone amplifiers, cold air vents … can be moved in accordance with the tenant’s thiết kế.

In order to lớn meet the activities of companies, Lyên ổn Tower 1 is equipped with high-tốc độ elevators, ceiling-mounted air-conditioning system, 24-hour CCTV camera, automatic fire alarm & fire fighting system. According to lớn the standard, the backup generator ensures more than 24 hours of power reserve sầu, high speed mạng internet line và telephone … Besides, the reception team and security guard are always warm. They are ready lớn help customers. This is one of the proud advantages of the building.The building is rated B based on the evaluation criteria for office rental classification in Ho Chi Minc City. With the advantage of geographic location, diverse rental area & reasonable price, Llặng Tower 1 is one of the most worthy buildings lớn rent in the area.

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Incentives for Lyên ổn Tower 1


Angle of overview of Lyên ổn Tower 1

Office space for rent:

Acreages: 100, 200, 300, 500, 700 m2

Who is suitable for: Companies from small khổng lồ large scale

Offer for office tenants:

Free 7-30 (days) khổng lồ mix up a new office,Free refrigeration during office hours (10 hours),Free water.

Lyên Tower 1’s additional services

Friendly front desk staffStaff cleaning regularly in the buildingMaintenance and maintenance of machines in the comtháng system in the building

Utilities around the building

CGV, Cinema, HospitalChildren 2, Riverside Bar Hotel Lush Ly Tu TrongThe Sushi Bar RestaurantShelter Coffee và Tea restaurantBanks: ANZ Bank, Techcombank Bank, Vietin Bank

Các tòa đơn vị văn phòng thuê mướn lấn cận