Lendingblock ico review


Cryptocurrency borrowing & lending is heating up as platforms begin to create services to facilitate even secured cryptocurrency lending.

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Here is a reality of the cybercurrency age. About 40% of the $300 billion of market value in just Bitcoin belongs lớn about 1,000 users. Up until now, they didn’t have sầu many options on where và how lớn spkết thúc that asset wealth. And sure, it is cool lớn consider buying a mansion in London or New York or even Dubai with all that cryplớn cash. But increasingly, services are popping up to lớn create other solutions.

Including the ability khổng lồ lkết thúc out that cyber wealth to lớn others và keep ownership of a size of currency many have sầu become, literally, quite attached to.

Up until now, there have sầu been a few attempts to lớn mix up lending services, but because the price of cybercurrency remains so volatile, repayment terms can be equally difficult to lớn successfully conclude. This is one of the reasons that cryptocurrency lending has also been so controversial (& still is). This month, in Texas , for example, the state issued cease & desist orders against a cryptocurrency lending firm that promised huge returns for investors.

That has not deterred entrepreneurs from trying khổng lồ tap if not crachồng this market. And for the last quarter, new (và creditable) services have been entering the market which attempts to create at least a little buffer between current market volatility và real-world practicality. It is hard to lớn both lkết thúc & borrow any asphối whose market cap increases as much as the major cryptocurrencies have sầu just in the last year. Or which has seen such dramatic price swings.

One of those bitcoin billionaires, Roger Ver , also known widely as “Bitcoin Jesus” for his early proclamations about cryptocurrency, has also already stated that he would be “very interested” in using his holdings as collateral for digital loans.

Industry analysts are already predicting the birth of a multi-billion dollar crypto backed lending industry.

Enter The Lendingbloông xã platform

The Lendingbloông chồng platsize aims to be the first securities lending platsize in the cryplớn economy. It is an open exchange for cryptocurrencies, where borrowers and lenders are matched in a simple, safe and transparent way (in other words it is not strictly peer-to-peer).

The alặng is lớn enable holders of digital assets lớn earn stable and secure returns without sacrificing ownership, while giving borrowers who hold digital assets the ability to use them as collateral to obtain loans at market rates khổng lồ support a range of financial activities including direct funding, hedging or investing. These borrowers include institutional investors & lenders, who are currently either not attracted lớn the cryptocurrency world or are prevented from participating in it because of regulatory hindrances.

Now Lendingbloông xã is bringing a different kind of securities lending to the crypkhổng lồ world. Lenders & borrowers are matched by rate and date. Borrowers can lkết thúc, cross chain, across any digital currency. This means that borrowers including fund market makers & traders can access assets easily to tư vấn trading, fund working capital or investment funding needs.

Individual smart contracts are issued for each loan, protecting both party’s rights. Actively managed collateral and advanced cryptographic security protect both borrowers and lenders.

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All loans are fully collateralized.

How Lendingblock Works

Lendingblock is creating the infrastructure to lớn secure the future of the digital crypkhổng lồ economy. It enables cross blockchain value transfer for the crypkhổng lồ lending market. The platsize will be launching with Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple as the first lending currencies.


Funds are held in a cryptographic escrow between different blockchains & released through Ethereum smart contracts. Lendingblock also uses oracles lớn provide svào guarantees for cross-chain lending contract initiation, collateral management & repayments.

API connections for institutional investors and traders will offer public data on loan order books, rate tables across different currencies, user account information & give sầu users the ability lớn place lending & borrowing requests.

Wallet integrations with multiple wallet providers are also planned.

The platsize works in slightly different ways for the lending & borrowing parties, with benefits for both.

Lenders: Investors who wish to lớn earn a return on their digital assets without sacrificing benefits of ownership commit khổng lồ offers that match their lending appetite. At the over of the loan, the repayment is distributed to the lenders and the collateral is returned to the borrower.

Borrowers: Parties in tìm kiếm of a loan can specify which digital asphối they need, plus các mục collateral và select the interest rate they can offer. Borrowers regular interest payments are tracked và distributed to lenders on time.

An Early Mover in a $300 million annual market

Lendingblock’s revenues are generated from borrowing và lending fees. This is a market that could easily generate over $300 million in the next three years, and the London-based startup is moving strongly to lớn clayên ổn it’s part of it.

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Initially bootstrapped by the founders, the business has just completed a private token sale which raised $500,000 from investors. Institutional interest has continued to remain high.

The Lendingbloông xã Token Sale

Here are the details of the upcoming LendingBloông xã token sale:

Token name: LND

Token base: ERC-20

Token supply: 600 million khổng lồ be sold in pre-sale và ICO

Token sale target: $5 million (soft cap), $10 million (hard cap)

Token price: $0.01667 (pre-sale), $0.02 (ICO)

Token sale dates: Presale, April 7 – 14th, 2018. ICO April 15-22, 2018

Individual cap: Minimum $25,000 và maximum of $500,000 during pre-sale và maximum contribution during ICO is $25,000