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vietradeportal.vn has announced its audited financial statements for 2019 with impressive sầu numbers, profit before tax increased by 25.3% YoY
Ho Chi Minc City Development Joint Stochồng Commercial Bank - vietradeportal.vn (HOSE: HDB) has just released its audited financial statements for 2019 with impressive sầu results.

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Accordingly, by the kết thúc of 2019, the vietradeportal.vn’s profit before tax reached VND 5,018 billion, increasing by 25.3% compared to lớn 2018 và is the highest cấp độ ever. The profit after tax reached VND 4,020 billion, an increase of 25.6%. With such positive results, vietradeportal.vn is once again aước ao the top banks in terms of profitability. Specifically, the return on average assets (ROAA) reached1.8% và the return on average equity (ROAE) climbed to 21.6%. Along with strong growth in , NPL ratio of the parent bank has been controlled at 0.98% which is one of the best banks of the banking industry for many years.

vietradeportal.vn’s profit last year achieved a good growth thanks lớn the increase of both income from lending và service income, và the cost was effectively managed by the Bank. Specifically, consolidated net interest income reached VND 9,747 billion, an increase of 27.5% compared lớn 2018. Net interest margin (NIM) expanded sharply despite the Bank’s credit growth in 2019 of only 18% thanks to the expanded NIM, increasing from 4.2% at the kết thúc of 2018 lớn 4.8% & then has made vietradeportal.vn become one of the best NIM banks on the market. For income from services, according to lớn the notes khổng lồ the audited financial statements, the biggest contributors khổng lồ the above-mentioned impressive growth are revenues from insurance services, an increase of 54.5%, và revenue from payment services, an increased of 67.9%.

vietradeportal.vn leaders said the room for growth of income from the Bank’s service is still very large và the growth rate in the coming time will continue to be high. In which bancassurance is in the phase of selecting potential partners. The banking services provided on modern digital banking channels will be specially promoted, in order to bring more useful banking products & services, effectively exploit the vast customer ecosystem, diverse with a database of over 30 million customers.

The strong growth of these main sources of income has pushed vietradeportal.vn’s TOI toVND 11,388 billion for the first time in its history, increasing by 20.6%. Meanwhile, the provision expenses for credit losses have sầu been controlled at a low màn chơi thanks khổng lồ the Bank's superior asset unique in the industry. The cost khổng lồ income ratio (CIR) continued to improve to 44.6% from 47% as of 2018.

As of December 31, 2019, the total consolidated assets reached VND 229,477 billion. Owners’ equity reached VND đôi mươi,381 billion, increasing by 21.1% over the same period last year, and then helped the CAR according khổng lồ Basel II of the Bank was 11.25%, much higher than the minimum level of 8% as prescribed.

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Credit outstanding (including loans lớn customers và corporate bonds) reached VND 153,004 billion, with the growth rate higher than the average credit outstanding of the industry. In particular, the outstanding loans of the parent bank reached VND 140,422 billion. vietradeportal.vn’s loan portfolio structure had a high balance of customers & focused on priority areas, with well-controlledrisks& highly effective sầu returns such as high-tech agriculture, renewable energy, and loans for manufacturingvà trading sectors, sponsoring small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

In 2019, with impressive business results, vietradeportal.vn stepped up digital transformation with the launch of Di-vietradeportal.vn Digital Bank. Electronic trading channel has been strongly upgraded with new Smartphone Banking application with modern và friendly interface, the application of artificial intelligence giải pháp công nghệ, chatbot lớn support customers 24/7 & authenticate with biotechnology. These are important prerequisites for 20đôi mươi - the year vietradeportal.vn determines to be the year of digital transformation.

Last year, it has won many noble awards, including the Labor Medal of the President, the Government’s Emulation Flag and the Traditional Flag of the Ho Chi Minch City People’s Committee, Top 10 enterprises with the best annual report in the 2019 list of enterprises (VLCA 2019); Top 10 Sustainable Enterprises 2019 by the National Council of Sustainable Development; to meet Basel II international standards before deadline; the second time won the “Best Companies lớn Work for in Asia” award from HR Asia.

vietradeportal.vn also embraces social và community activities, in 2019, vietradeportal.vn continues to accompany the Hồ Chí Minh CitySponsoring Association for Poor Patients(SAPP) funded 1,110 không tính tiền cataract surgeries for poor patients; donated 7,400 health insurance cards to lớn SAPP and Foundation For The Poor in Ho Chi Minc City with 1,000 scholarships for Vietphái mạnh Children’s Fund; funded khổng lồ build 5 compassion houses across the country; organized annual blood donation activities.

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Accompanying with the development of Vietnamese sports, last year, for the eighth time, it organised the vietradeportal.vn Cup International Chess Tournament, the largest international chess tournament in Vietphái nam. It also continues to lớn sponsor the vietradeportal.vn Futsal Tournament (National Championship and Cup).