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One viewed the community as an object - a network of interdependent systems, bureaucratic organizations, interest groups, political parties, and so forth, which is acted upon.
It is consistent with the conclusion that people typically see green objects as green, orange objects as orange, and so forth.
She might advise younger writers, prepare revised editions of her books, lecture at university campuses, and so forth.
As it begins to give way or is seriously challenged, compelling arguments for its existence are set forth.
This common good can be viewed as particular as family and kinship or as expansive as nation, class, party, state, and so forth.
They test predictions of vertical integration, disintegration and so forth, and they find different conclusions.
Of course, even if ethicists take such a moderate approach, the proposals bioethicists put forth as a group may not always win easy acceptance.
Furthermore, we have shown that all putative counterexamples and counterarguments brought forth against the oblique subject account are either irrelevant or invalid.
For example, if the servers are humans, failures would correspond to sicknesses, injuries, breaks, and so forth.
But after some talking back and forth, he admitted that it had been several animals and the affair was quickly settled.
Growing ever more restless, dashing back and forth, the child waits for a possible chance to get hold of the cart.

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a person who is extremely skilled at something, especially at playing an instrument or performing

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