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an object that is used to represent a particular person, group, or idea, or a picture of the object:
something such as a picture which is a symbol for a particular person, organization, group, or idea:
Designs of this sort for emblems and coats of arms also served as a kind of calling card for the artist himself.
As a title used exclusively by rulers, the glyphs render the particular "emblem" believed lớn be the reference name of a political entity.
Like these, stamps showed the emblem of the lion và the sun and/or the portrait of the reigning monarch.
In emblem books, abstract concepts are personified by a person, typically a woman, whose costume and attributes are explained in an accompanying text.
This suggests less competition for prestige within the society & among the different political units addressed by emblem glyphs.
Furthermore, the mostly fruitless attempts khổng lồ identify emblem glyphs have been made more difficult by fewer and less well-understood hieroglyphic texts.
These symbols functioned as emblems of the sources of power for the shaman who earned the right lớn wear them.
Although these claims were pioneering work, they are problematic insofar as their hieroglyphic evidence did not match the established definition of emblem glyphs.
Here, the fantastical sphinx, herself a freak of nature, becomes the emblem of good design, abstract và laden with symbolic meaning.
The translatability of the emblem enables permeation while permeation requires a translatable emblem.
They had forgotten, for example, that they had quilted for many years, or that they collected police emblems or ornamental shoes.

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