Made from 100% Natural ingredents

such as Camphor, Peppermint Oil & Menthol

Suitable for Everyday

small & convenient lớn carry around

Natural Way lớn fight your Headaches

and Motion sickness, Insect bites và cold

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“Very good balm. I kept looking for it, but could not find it. Luckily I found this site. Delivery was quichồng and prices were decent.”

Wilma Berg, Sweden

“My dad introduced this balm lớn me when I was 12. He heard about it bachồng in the 70s. Now, my whole family is it too. Thank you guys for making it so easy khổng lồ us.”

Ben Parker, United States

“What I really like about Cao Sao Vang? There are only natural ingredients & you can take it anywhere you want. I"m having one in my oto & at work.”

Ariel Appelbaum, Israel

Golden Star BalmThe smallest Balm ever

Golden Star Balm, also known as Cao Sao Vang is made from essential oils lượt thích Camphor, Menthol, Peppermint, Cajuput. It’s also available with Cinnamon oil, Basil oil and Homalomena Occulta Schott oil.

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Cao Sao VangThe Universal Remedy

Available in many different sizes, such as 3, 4, 8, 10 and even trăng tròn grams. Made of high quality essential oils from Vietnam giới. The Perfect Solution khổng lồ treat your headađậy or cold.

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You get 10 tins 3 grams per tin

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How khổng lồ use Golden Star Balm?

Golden Star Balm can be used for external application or inhalation. It also helps active khổng lồ avoid itchiness caused by mosquito lớn bites, just put a small amount of Golden Star Balm on the affected area.

What are the ingredients of Golden Star Balm?

Camphor, Oleum Menthae (Peppermint oil), Menthol, Oleum Cajuputi (Cajuput oil), Oleum Cinnamongươi (Cinnamon Oil), Ocimum Gratissimum (Clove sầu Basil)

Do you ship lớn my country?

Yes, we vì chưng. Worldwide không tính phí shipping khổng lồ any country. Also, a tracking number will be sent khổng lồ you, once the order has been dispatched.

You want to lớn buy more?

No problem, just sover us an gmail via the liên hệ form. We will get baông xã lớn you as soon as possible. Please let us know how many pieces do you want lớn buy.